Japanese proofread service


We proofread your Japanese.


Those who need to prepare a report, a thesis, or a dissertation in Japanse, tender a resume (or resignation) in Japanese, submit an application in Japanese, need to write a lettter in Japanese, etc., may take advantage of our "Japanese proofread service".


We proofread your Japanese by using Word's track record function so please prepare your documen in a Word format (currently, we proofreed a Word document only).


In addition, when we proofread your Japanese, we focus on the accurasy of the use of "te, ni, o, and ha".


On the average, our turnaournd time is 10,000 JP chararacters in 24 hours at the maximum speed.


Our proofread service rate is: 2.5 yen per Japanese character (before a consumption tax of 0.05%).


Please be noted that we charge at least 10,000 yen.


We do not argue the content of your writing (this is not our job!).


For further information, contact Masa Kajiki at the following email address:


info*mktranslationfirm.com (replace * by @)