Very reliable yet reasonable Japanese-to-English patent translations of all technologies, from Osaka, JAPAN!

[What is MKTF?]

  • We are an expert translation agency dedicated to the provision of patent and IP translations from English to Japanese.



  • From English to Japanese  


[What we offer]

  • We offer document translations of an intellectual property such as a patent, a trademark, and a design.


[What type of documents to be translated]

  • We translate patent specifications, prior art documents, office actions, legal documents, etc.  


[Our clients]

  • We work for international and domestic patent law firms, corporate IP departments, and translation agencies. Individual clients are not served.



  • We can provide an English-to-Japanese patent translation at 20 yen per English word.
  • Excessive formatting is subject to an additional page-setting fee of at least 1000 yen per page.  

[Our translators]

  • In order to satisfy your technical needs, we assign the best translator selected on the basis of each technical background.
  • Our translators are all Japanese-speaking native translators with a solid academic background and a professional record.      


[Field of Technology]

  • Examples of fields of technology we have translated in the past include: digital camera, image forming apparatus, car navigation, communication network, projector, machine tool, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and its method, bone-compatible implant, and livestock feed composition. 


[Our technology]

  • We use MemSource(R) and Wordfast(R).


[File translfer]

  • When we transfer your file, we zip it and protect it with a certain password.


[How to order]

  • Provide us with the publication number or send a document to us by email.


[How to pay]

  • Please pay through Paypal or a bank transfer. 


[Business hours]

  • Open: 09:00 to 17:30, Monday through Friday
  • Close:Saturday and Sunday, bank holiday, year end and new year's holidays