We provide the most reliable made-in-Japan patent translations.

MK's Business Strategy-Our Seven S's

We have a unique business style-focusing only on patent translation-that has attracted the brightest Japanese-speaking patent translation staff.  With the patent translation skill gained over the years, our firm has come to possess a structure capable of producing reliable English to Japanese patent translations.  We developed our own translation system to achieve our superordinate goal, that is, to facilitate a patent application process in Japan.  Our strategy is to win trust among our customers-patent law firms and corporate IP departments-by providing them with the best En-JP patent translations.


How you can reduce a Japanese patent application cost

Think this way, a poorly translated patent specification results in unnecessary notices of reasons for refusal and amendments.  Even if the patent is allowed, the patent right does not correspond to the intended claim.


If you can reduce the time required for allowance of patent, then you can reduce the overall patent application cost.


Expensive yet reliable translation will reduce the overall application cost. Obtaining the patent right takes about two years since the time of your application, and during this period, you will be able to realize a cost reduction resulting from our high-quality patent translation. 


With our translators practicing in Japan for many years by complying with JPO rule, your application with JPO will be facilitated.

Welcome to MK Translation Firm!

MK Translation Firm was founded in 2006 in Kobe.  The firm has since translated hundreds of patents.  In 2009, in order to serve clients better, the firm moved to Kitahama, Osaka where many patent law firms are located.


An object of our firm is to provide high-quality Japanese patent translations.


In this way, over the years, we have worked closely with patent law firms and corporate IP departments around the world to provide Japanese patent translations.


We are proud of having the best patent translators residing in Japan in order to provide made-in-Japan patent translations.


The firm translates patents of the following technical fields, for example, from English into Japanese according to the JPO application format:


  • electronics;
  • machinery;
  • chemistry;
  • biotechnology; 
  • pharmaceuticals, etc.


Translation fees:


From English into Japanese: 0.28 USD per source English word

From French into Japanese: 0.30 USD per source French word

From German into Japanese: 0.30 USD per source German word   


* If excessive formatting is required, an additional charge may be added.


How to make settlement:


For international settlement, please use Paypal.


How to estimate your translation cost:


Use simple calculation of:


word count x the above translation fee = translation cost estimate.


For example, the translation cost of patents having 10000 English words can be estimated by 10000 multiplied by 0.28 USD = 2800 USD. 


For first-time customers, we are happy to provide a free sample translation!


The firm is pleased to provide a free sample translation before your order.  You can evaluate the quality of the translation (up to 350 English words). 


If you have any questions, please direct them to me.


Masa Kajiki

General Manager

MK Translation Firm 

MK Translation Firm

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