We seek the following J2E patent translators:
  • Field: Patent
  • Technical Field: electric cars (car body, control, battery, etc.)
  • Language: JP to EN
  • No. of translators: 10 translators
  • Requirements: Native English translator, agency may also apply
  • Region; Not applicable
  • Closing date: Until closed
  • Status: Potential (due to start from June)
1) Those interested please send your CV by using Google Docs.
Informtion that must be included are:
  1. Academic background
  2. Progessional background
  3. Qualification
  4. Description of your translation procedure
  5. Your PC environment
  6. Test trial*
  7. Anything else that you think necessary

* Use Google Docs and indicate the URL

* Do not try to send a file

* We will not accept your past translation.  If you send it, you will automatically fail.

* As for trial, please translate [0001] to [0004] and claim 1 for each specification.

  1. 特開2007-145309 「燃料電池搭載型電気自動車」
  2. 特開2010-143310 「シリーズハイブリッド電気自動車の発電制御装置」
  3. 特開2010-166740 「電気自動車の制御装置」
2) Your mail RE line
State "電気自動車関連 日英 特許翻訳者募集の件/ご自身のお名前" and apply.
For example, if you are Smith, then state
「電気自動車関連 日英 特許翻訳者募集の件/Smith」
Otherwise, your application is not considered.
3) Requirements:
  • You must have knowledge in electric cars.
  • You must produce target 10, 000 words in 5 days.
  • You must know how to use DB of major patent offices.
  • You must have your email with you name (not your cat's name) Mail address like dkgoadiangdaohogdaddo@hmail not accepted.
  • You must be a professional regular freelancer (agency may also apply).
4) Fee:
  • 10 Yen (or 0.10 USD) per EN
  • Fee include one correction
6) Software used:
7) Disclosure of your identity
  • Client may demand us to disclose the identity of a translator.  We will do our best not to disclose all of your information.  Only part of your information that may not identiy you may be disclosed.  Your name and email address will never be disclosed.
For further inquiry:
Send an inquiry mail to: translator(at)mktranslationfirm.com
Please do not make a telephone inquiry
Masa Kajiki (MR)
Chief Project Manager