Freelance jobs: JP to EN translator

We are looking for professional patent/legal freelance translators in UK.

[Subject area]

  • patent (specify your field of technology);
  • legal; and
  • business 

* Patent and legal are in high demand.

* Please explicitly express your subject field when applying.



  • You must translate from JP to EN. Otherwise, your application is not considered.

[How to apply]

  • Send your CV detailing your academic and professional background.
  • Agency may also apply. 
  • Each candidate is expected to respond in a professional manner in all respects.      

[Requirements for all subject areas]

  • Each candidate must be a native English speaker (non-native speaker is not considered);
  • Each candidate must have an experience of 3 years or more; and
  • Each candidate must be a full time professional freelance translator (a would-be translator is not considered this time).

[Requirements for patent translation]

  • Each candidate must know how to use a database of each patent office.  If not, you are not considered.

[Subject line of your email] 

When you apply, please use the following sample subject line.


[J2E translator]/[subject area]/[your full name]


For example, if "Robert Smith" whose subject area is "patent" applies, then his subject line should look like:


J2E translator/patent/Robert Smith


[Application sent to]


Email: translator(at)

To: Masa Kajiki (Mr.), Chief Project Manager


[Screening process]

  • If you are short-listed, then you will be given a paid trial translation (4000 JPY) of one whole patent specification or one whole contract.
  • With only 200 to 300-word test translation, it is very difficult to assess the candidate's proficiency.  So we give one whole specification or contract and we pay (buy) the test translation.  


[Translation fee to be paid]

  • If you pass the trial translation, you will be paid 5 JPY per JP character in a real job.
  • Each applicant must have a Paypal account.

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