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We are a language service provider in Japan.  We provide professional patent&legal translation services. Since we started 2006, we have served patent law firms, corporate IP departments, and other professionals.  In particular, we are most committed to EN/DE-to-JA patent translations.


We look forward to serving you!


[Who are we?] 

MK Translation Firm is headed by Masa Kajiki, Founder CEO, and consists of in-house language experts. Besides, our selected freelance translators assist our day-to-day translation activities.


[Employee-first policy] 

We put our linguists before everything. We believe that human resources are the most valuable assets for our business. Without them, we can achieve nothing. So we give them lots of opportunities to grow as a professional linguist. 


[Text to be translated]

- Patent specification (electricity, machinery, chemistry, biotechnology, and others)

- Office Action and other IP-related documents

- Various legal texts

- Chemistry papers (currently, EN/DE to JA only) 

- General business texts



- English to/from Japanese

- German to/from Japanese

- French to Japanese

- Chinese to/from Japanese

- Other pairs are also translatable.


[Examples of Patent translation (TEP) pricing estimate]

- EN to JA: 0.20 EUR per source EN word

- DE to JA: 0.25 EUR per source DE word

* Please freely contact us for further detail.

* Fees will vary depending on currency exchange.



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