Our mission: to provide reliable, yet affordable patent translations through various technologies such as machine translation and artificial intelligence.

Japanese Patent Translations using AI-powered Machine Translation and post-edit


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We provide various types of translations depending on your translation needs. We always use the most advanced available translation technology. In-house and outsourced translations are working to satisfy your translation needs.


Our highest daily output is 14. 000 words (chemistry-related) in only 2 days using machine translation and post-edit.


Masa Kajiki (Mr)

Founder General Manager

MK Translation Firm


[Our team]

- In-house translators/post-editors

- 30 freelance translators


[Type of services rendered]

- Translation only

- Translation and review (mono/bilingual)


[Text to be translated]

- Patent specification

- Prior art document, etc.



- Memsource (*We have three Memsource Certified Trainers in the office)

- Trados, etc



- English <> Japanese

- German <> Japanese

- Chinese <> Japanese

- English > German

- French > German

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