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[Who are we?]

We are a translation agency dedicated to IP translations, in particular, dedicated to Japanese patent translations. We differ from others in that we  provide patent translations by using various technologies such as cloud translation system, machine translation, and artificial intelligence.     


[Our core competence] 

We use machine translation, cloud translation technology, and artificial intelligence. With machine translation, basic mistakes such as misprinting numbers and symbols have been reduced to almost zero. We have eliminated the need to start translations from scratch. Cloud translation technology makes communication between translators easier. By using AI, the number of days required for translation can be calculated more accurately.  As a result, the number of days required for translation has been reduced. Therefore, the time for checking can be increased. Eventually, we can provide higher quality translations. 


Our dedicated professional patent translators provide various types of patent translations depending on your translation needs. Our team is ready to serve you better.


Masa Kajiki (Mr)

Founder General Manager

MK Translation Firm


[Text to be translated]

- Patent specification

- Office Action

- IP-related documents, etc.



- English <> Japanese

- German <> Japanese

- Chinese <> Japanese


[Our clients]

- Corporate IP department

- Patent law firm

- Others

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