Japanese Patent Translation





English, German, and Chinese, into Japanese 



[Types of documents] 

We translate IP-related documents such as a prior art document, a specification, an office action, and a license agreement.



 [Our general workflow steps] 

(1)  [Translation]

(2)  [Check and edit]

(3)  [Feedback to translator] 

(4)  [Final check before submission to client] 

  * Workflow steps may be increased/decreased on the basis of your needs

     with a change in  fee structure.


[Translation fee]

Our standard fees for the following lanuage pairs are:

EN to JP: 0.25 USD per source English word

DE to JP: 0.30 USD per source German word

CH to JP: 0.20 USD per source Chinese character

* Fees include translation, check, and formatting to JPO standard specification.


[Payment method]

Paypal or wire transfer


[Our clients] 

We work for a patent law firm, a corporation, and other professionals.

* Individual clients are not served.