Our Translators

We have a group of experienced English-to-Japanese translators in order to satisfy our client's needs.


[Our translators]

  • Your translator is selected on the basis of the technical background.
  • Our translators are all Japanese-speaking native translators with a solid academic background and a professional record. 

[Group of translators]

Our translators can be categorized, according to their expertise, into:

  • a group of electronics;
  • a group of chemistry; and
  • a group of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

[Turnaround time]

  • We need at least 10 days to complete a translation of 10, 000 English words.
  • A translator needs about 5 to 7 days to translate a patent specification containing 10, 000 English words. 
  • We need another 2 to 3 days to review and complete the translation.

* Turnaround time does vary depending on various factors such as the difficultly of a specification and the schedule of a translator.


[From a translator]

"Providing good quality, easy to understand, and error-free translation is what I strive for. Constant feedback from the client is always enriching and helps me do better the next time, avoiding making the same mistake again. After all, its only practice and experience that makes a man (or in this case, a translator) PERFECT!!!" (a JP-to-EN translator)