[Documents to be translated]

- Patent specification (for application and for information),

- Office Action,

- Prior art document, etc.


- English to/from Japanese

- German to Japanese

- Chinese to Japanese 


[Our translation technology]

- Memsource Cloud & Memsource Editor

[Our clients]

- Corporate IP department,

- Patent law firm, etc. 

* Individual clients are not be served.

[Data Security Policy]

We comply with "Guidelines for the Management of Trade Secrets" established by The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (MIT).

[Quality assurance (QA)]

001: To keep the highest quality, we set a daily translation limit, i.e., 2,500 words a day or less!

002: To keep the highest quality, at least two operators are involved in each assignment.

003: To keep the highest quality, a plurality of workflow steps are arranged.